Saturday, November 21, 2015

t o p s h e l f i e

I stick to a pretty minimal beauty routine. Besides moisturizer and SPF, I prefer a bare face on most days. But for the moments I'm feelin' myself, I turn to these three products. All of which I highly recommend, obvi.

On my nails
Dior nail vernis in Blue Label
During the cooler months I wear 3 colors on my nails and 3 colors only. Red, burgundy and this dark blue. This blue is elegant, sexy and a bit angsty. I mean... who doesn't want Dior on their nails?

On my cheeks
Nars Illuminator in Copacabana
I've done a hefty amount of research on highlighters and this Nars illuminator came in number one. It's definitely sparkly, and I am NOT a sparkle girl, but when it comes to this product I'm fully drinking the kool-aid. The slight shimmer makes me look all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Dab it around the eyes, on the top of the cheekbones and watch it work its magic. Trust. 

On my lips
Nars lipstick in Dress to Kill
Here's the deal - I hate lipstick on myself. It looks great on everyone else, but on me it's just... blah. However, if I were to pick one lipstick to wear for the season, this is it. I love this color because it's so buildable. One swipe of it and it's like you've got wine-stained lips, minus the wine-stained teeth. Two swipes of it and you've got yourself a serious lip statement. xx    

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

high on neck, higher on slit

Dress, nastygal

It's that time of the season... the temperature's dipping and Friendsgiving invites are rolling in. Now you need something to wear. 
I'm going to suggest we chill on the sequin and velvet until December, instead I'm going to make a case for the turtleneck dress. Well, specifically this turtleneck dress. There's just something about the contrast of a high neck and a high slit that has me fully invested. I'm always on the hunt for items that lengthen. This dress is it. The ultra high slit elongates the legs, and the high neck stretches the torso. This killer dress will have every one calling you for a hotline bling, kidding! ... I think.
Hotline bling or not, turtle up and let's up the temperature.

As for the hair, I tried 3 styles: tucked, un-tucked and ribbon-tied. My vote is for it tucked under (scroll to photo 1 & 3). You won't have to worry about your hair going flat halfway through the night, and it adds extra warmth - bonus! 

Thursday, October 8, 2015


Levi's, by Re/done
"Are you that broke you can't afford to buy a new pair of jeans?" 
My father asked me that a few weeks ago, and to be honest, I'm not sure I want a new pair. Because nothing really compares to a pair of fully lived-in jeans... rips and all. The ones I'm wearing are from Re/done. Re/done is a really rad brand that's taking vintage Levi's apart and repurposing the fabric to make "new" jeans. All the pieces are hand stitched, making each pair that much more special. But I'm not going to lie, this rip is getting bigger and bigger. Either I need to stop eating cookies or go up a size, both of which I'm not willing to do. IDK.

Friday, September 18, 2015

b l u e : from sunset to sunrise

Night: Blazer, Alexander Wang. Shoes, Chloe. Choker, H&M.
Day: Dress, Vintage from Jet Rag. Shoes, Chloe. Hair tie, random ribbon.

The thing about having blonde hair is that you get to experiment with all different colors - blue, pink, purple, grey... If you didn't already know, supernatural colors on hair are all semi-permanent. Which means they don't stay in for long. Two weeks max. Which also means, I'm banking as many selfies as I can before this blue peacock hair thing fades on me. 

Here's the thing with wearing colored hair - You HAVE TO rock it. Colored hair can be a little tricky in that it sometimes comes off a little cheap, but I strongly believe that it can easily be elevated. So here are 3 things I've learned as I continue tasting the rainbow. 

1. Black. Pair your hair with all black and immediately watch yourself go from zero to a hundred. I will forever be team blazer, and by that I mean just the blazer, nothing else. 
2. Match it. I've been doing this thing where I match my outfit to the color of my hair. Surprisingly, it doesn't look as tacky as you'd think. If you don't want to do full color on color, then wear something that has just a tad of the same color as your hair.
3. Simple makeup. The hair is a lot. So keep the makeup minimal. A little lip stain is sexy, especially for the day time. 

Friday, August 14, 2015

you look at me. I look at you.

If there's one print I have to pick to wear over and over again this summer, it's stripes. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, you name it - I'm game. Here I'm wearing a bodysuit by American Apparel. (P.S. it's on sale) This one's my go-to piece for the summer, and that's saying a lot... considering I have to get naked every time I use the restroom. But who cares, right? All that matters is that it hugs in all the right places, dips in the back and is one of those pieces that everybody wants to know where it's from. 
So... convenient? No. Cute as hell? Yeah. And did I mention it's on sale??  

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Act III: Split

Google Search: Cliff diving in Split
Search Results: Cliff diving split in face 
So instead, we went speed boating. Probably the most exhilarating thing I've done, ever. No life-vests, no seat belts, plenty of wind in my hair and water in my face. Peter, our bad ass skipper, took us from island to island and from cave to cave (see photo 4) My mother (see photo 6) and my aunt came along for the ride, and even them at 50 years young had the time of their lives. Not to mention, we ate the freshest seafood and frolicked on a private island. I wish I had more photos that documented this epic ride, but I was too busy holding on for life. (I still have bruises to prove this).

Monday, July 20, 2015

Act II: Hvar


Upon arriving, I immediately felt like I had met Ibiza's long lost cousin. There is something about this island that makes you feel excited about being young and alive. Fine, maybe it had to do with all the frat-esq bars, ladies in white and ratch-esq boys, but regardless, that one night in Hvar was definitely worth the pounding headache the next morning. If you do decide to pay Hvar a visit, make your way up the hill to the Fortress at the top of the island. I promise it won't disappoint. (Scroll to photo 3). Not to mention, there's this cannon that will have you going boom, boom. 
This remix by Roosevelt of Glass Animal's Pools fully vibes Hvar. Listen: