Tuesday, December 2, 2014

90s forever

H&M Denim Jacket, Calvin Klein Bralette, Vintage Levis Jean 
Ah, jacket season. 
I've been waiting for you for quite some time. Thank you for finally showing up. 
I snagged this jean jacket a few months ago at H&M. Yep, believe it baby - H&M. With it's embroidery slightly reminiscent of Proenza's F/W12 collection, this jacket is your basic jean jacket with a punch. And it's perfect. 
Why a jean jacket? Like, how 90s of me?
Yea, so I love the 90s. (Holler at me Lisa Frank). 
But really, it's because jean jackets are just effortless. They're not as heavy as a leather jacket and not as fancy as a blazer. They're easy. So easy to the point that pairing it with a bare face and messy hair pretty much seals the deal.
And let's not overlook the jeans - mom jeans are back, consider them a gift from above. 
R.I.P. camel toe.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

what's in my bag: F/W14

whats in my bag

So that one time I gave you a peep into my bag... it was brief. So I thought I'd be more thorough this time around. Everything you see here is what's currently chillin' in my bag, and these are my must-haves for the cooler season. 

Ready? Let's go clockwise.
1. Aviators - instantly up your cool factor by five notches. These are Ray-bans. I wore them all summer, and I'll wear them all winter.
2. Classic wallet - I mean... you just can't go wrong with a classic leather wallet. I always prefer mine in a darker color. I've done crème, and trust me, it did not end well. 
3. Small jar of face lotion - Cetaphil. I'm pretty much married to it. We're really happy together, and we'll be registered at Barneys.
4. Toner - will be you best friend this winter. I use this Caudalie beauty elixir all day 'er day. It's basically > coffee and has a hint of ginger. (#healthy) Just make sure you don't get it in your eyes - it stings.
5. Lipstick - ah, 'tis the season for vampy lips! Mine is Black Plum by Givenchy. It's borderline purple, but not quite. I love this color with a basic T and a leather jacket - so bad ass.
6. Sunscreen - just because it's cloudy doesn't mean you don't need SPF! I LOVE LOVE this one from boscia. I have the worst skin type. It's sensitive and thin, oily but dry. I've tried MANY sunscreens, and this one works best for me. It's super light weight, works well with my (minimal) makeup routine and most importantly, doesn't smell like Banana Boat. Just make sure you rub it in really well, or you might end up with white flakes on your face (because, let's be honest, no one will tell you).
7. iPhone - aka life line. I get a lot of questions about this phone cover when I'm out and about... because it's just such.a.flirt. It's Kate Spade.
8. Keys/Business cards - always. You just never know who you'll run into. 

Thanks for sticking around. xo 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Monday, July 8, 2013

summer leather

Zara Hat (similar here), Topshop Tank, ELLERY Shorts, Chloe Sandals (similar here).

quit depriving yourself of leather in the summer. too hot you ask? totally not. 
the ones i'm wearing (on repeat) are from ELLERY. She's one of my favorite designers from Australia. they're a bit shorter than your average denim cutoffs, but don't worry, we're fully covered from the be-hind. now it's your turn to invest in some year round leather.

Monday, March 25, 2013

5 things

ready, set...

tropical wear, the Maldives, soft florals, bob cuts and XL brimmed hats. 
a little scattered brain, wouldn't you agree?  

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

at minimum, do this:

1. red lips will never go out of style. (when done right)
2. invest* in a great coat. (then you don't need to worry about what goes underneath because no one can see, genius right?)
3. mary jane's back with a vengeance. (just ask the heel)

*do it now! before the F/W sales bid farewell. 


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Chloe FW13

The music starts and the first girl draped in a gray utilitarian cape walks down the runway. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't confused for the first sixty seconds. The models walk to music reminiscent of classic old-school hip-hop. (What?) I'm not sure what I was expecting… but the mixture of Chloe, Paris, and a hip-hop mix tape was an unexpected surprise blindsided me.   
Sweet frill with a touch of polished refinement is usually the tone at Chloe, that is, until this season. For her Fall-Winter 2013/2014 collection, Clare Waight Keller has opted for the tough schoolgirl who, apparently, has a thing for classic pinafore dresses.

In her forth collection for Chloe, the Chloe girl is edgy—in fact she’s a bit of a tomboy. Hence the showcase of Bermuda shorts, drawstring pants and billowing slacks. With an oversize bag slung around her shoulder and a gold clasp high around her left ear, her nonchalance and attitude is refreshing.

This collection consists of rich mixes of heavy fabrics, minimal ruffle and jeweled chain-fenced overlays. It is a vision of indigo and ink blues, a cool palette that matches the equally cool-girl attitude. Tomboy motifs aside, A-line skirts and pinafore dresses make their stance—and have serious rotations throughout. The collection mirrors a schoolgirl’s transformation into a lady, or in Waight Keller's words "an independent spirit." Full volume layered skirts speckled with small polka dots pull the story together, and wins me over. 

Viva la Chloe!