Friday, August 14, 2015

you look at me. I look at you.

If there's one print I have to pick to wear over and over again this summer, it's stripes. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, you name it - I'm game. Here I'm wearing a bodysuit by American Apparel. (P.S. it's on sale) This one's my go-to piece for the summer, and that's saying a lot... considering I have to get naked every time I use the restroom. But who cares, right? All that matters is that it hugs in all the right places, dips in the back and is one of those pieces that everybody wants to know where it's from. 
So... convenient? No. Cute as hell? Yeah. And did I mention it's on sale??  

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Act III: Split

Google Search: Cliff diving in Split
Search Results: Cliff diving split in face 
So instead, we went speed boating. Probably the most exhilarating thing I've done, ever. No life-vests, no seat belts, plenty of wind in my hair and water in my face. Peter, our bad ass skipper, took us from island to island and from cave to cave (see photo 4) My mother (see photo 6) and my aunt came along for the ride, and even them at 50 years young had the time of their lives. Not to mention, we ate the freshest seafood and frolicked on a private island. I wish I had more photos that documented this epic ride, but I was too busy holding on for life. (I still have bruises to prove this).

Monday, July 20, 2015

Act II: Hvar


Upon arriving, I immediately felt like I had met Ibiza's long lost cousin. There is something about this island that makes you feel excited about being young and alive. Fine, maybe it had to do with all the frat-esq bars, ladies in white and ratch-esq boys, but regardless, that one night in Hvar was definitely worth the pounding headache the next morning. If you do decide to pay Hvar a visit, make your way up the hill to the Fortress at the top of the island. I promise it won't disappoint. (Scroll to photo 3). Not to mention, there's this cannon that will have you going boom, boom. 
This remix by Roosevelt of Glass Animal's Pools fully vibes Hvar. Listen:

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Croatia: Act I


I'm not sure if it's this song or if it's the act of going through all the photos on my phone and camera, but I feel like wallowing. 
As expected, vacation-blues are in full swing. 
Croatia was even more magical than I imagined. The photos above were taken in Dubrovnik, or as you may call it, the King's Landing. The white stone walls, vibrant orange roofs and turquoise windows immediately had me swooning.
Most of our days in Dubrovnik were spent swimming in the Adriatic Sea (cold as ice, btw), walking through Old City (from early morning to wee hours of night) and eating... (lots and lots of eating).
As for wardrobe options? Tops are optional, but make sure you've got a sick bikini. Do bring a hat, just trust me. (I lived in this one). 

Here's Act I of celebrating full passports, full hearts, and this killer tan. All hail the King's Landing.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Feelings: Croatia

In a few days I'll be frolicking along the Adriatic Sea, something I've longed to do for a long, long while.

But currently, in the present time, I'm stuck in what I like to call a packing rut. I don't know what to pack. So I decided to create a few mood boards to motivate myself... These boards are of what I envisioned 2 weeks in paradise might feel like, what I'd wear, what I'll see and how I'd feel.

So I guess I should go pack now?  

P.S. I'm currently putting together a playlist for my Adriatic adventures... this one below is the first song on my list. If you have suggestions, send them my way.   

Thursday, May 28, 2015

trying to look outdoorsy

You see, I'm not really the camping type. Granted, I've never actually gone camping... but we won't get into that here. I am, however, team CAMP. I've been wearing this tee all month long. It's my current obsession because it's one of those casual, cool, goes with everything tee that makes me seem all outdoorsy. Fake it 'till you make it, right?    

In other news, I'm currently working on a super exciting personal project!!! It's been a long time coming... More to come on that soon! xo

Saturday, February 28, 2015


ChloƩ necklace, For Love & Lemons jumper

I'm not sure why, but long necklaces have never been my thing. Maybe it's because they remind me of Notorious B-I-G, but regardless of the reason, I've never ever worn or wanted one... until now. 

The thing about long necklaces is that it can go from classy to tacky pretty quickly. So pick one that has a bit of weight. The one I'm wearing is from ChloĆ©. I figured if I was going to pop that cherry, it might as well be with the holy grail of necklaces. 

Normally I wear this necklace with a deep v-neck or against black so it's doing all sorts of slinky things for my neckline. But you know those moments when you just need a little va-va-voom in your life? (Usually before the weekend and after days of monotonous work-wear). In case this is you too, I'm suggesting you find a sick necklace, go backless, dangle it down your back, and let it do all sorts of slinky things for your backside.