Friday, September 18, 2015

b l u e : from sunset to sunrise

Night: Blazer, Alexander Wang. Shoes, Chloe. Choker, H&M.
Day: Dress, Vintage from Jet Rag. Shoes, Chloe. Hair tie, random ribbon.

The thing about having blonde hair is that you get to experiment with all different colors - blue, pink, purple, grey... If you didn't already know, supernatural colors on hair are all semi-permanent. Which means they don't stay in for long. Two weeks max. Which also means, I'm banking as many selfies as I can before this blue peacock hair thing fades on me. 

Here's the thing with wearing colored hair - You HAVE TO rock it. Colored hair can be a little tricky in that it sometimes comes off a little cheap, but I strongly believe that it can easily be elevated. So here are 3 things I've learned as I continue tasting the rainbow. 

1. Black. Pair your hair with all black and immediately watch yourself go from zero to a hundred. I will forever be team blazer, and by that I mean just the blazer, nothing else. 
2. Match it. I've been doing this thing where I match my outfit to the color of my hair. Surprisingly, it doesn't look as tacky as you'd think. If you don't want to do full color on color, then wear something that has just a tad of the same color as your hair.
3. Simple makeup. The hair is a lot. So keep the makeup minimal. A little lip stain is sexy, especially for the day time. 

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