Wednesday, November 4, 2015

high on neck, higher on slit

Dress, nastygal

It's that time of the season... the temperature's dipping and Friendsgiving invites are rolling in. Now you need something to wear. 
I'm going to suggest we chill on the sequin and velvet until December, instead I'm going to make a case for the turtleneck dress. Well, specifically this turtleneck dress. There's just something about the contrast of a high neck and a high slit that has me fully invested. I'm always on the hunt for items that lengthen. This dress is it. The ultra high slit elongates the legs, and the high neck stretches the torso. This killer dress will have every one calling you for a hotline bling, kidding! ... I think.
Hotline bling or not, turtle up and let's up the temperature.

As for the hair, I tried 3 styles: tucked, un-tucked and ribbon-tied. My vote is for it tucked under (scroll to photo 1 & 3). You won't have to worry about your hair going flat halfway through the night, and it adds extra warmth - bonus! 

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