Thursday, January 12, 2017

how much leg is too much leg?

Skirt, Bare Edit

My dear neglected blog, 
I'm sure by now you're used to my hiatuses. Work, holidays and life got the best of me. 
But I'm here now, dressed up in a silky skirt with extra leg. Forgive me?

Now, can we talk about the Venice skirt? The skirt that's a mini skirt disguised as a maxi skirt. Still following? Good. 

I wanted to design a skirt with a slit - a slit as high as I could get away with. But quickly realized that wouldn't work, as my collection would be made in silk... one gust of wind and your assets would be on display for the world to see. Since I couldn't seem to part with the idea of a high slit, I decided to add a tie right around the slit. Tie it for more coverage. Untie it for more leg leverage. It's also a wrap skirt - aka eat as much cookies as you want. Bare Edit, fully looking out for babes everywhere.  

x, B 

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