Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Croatia: Act I


I'm not sure if it's this song or if it's the act of going through all the photos on my phone and camera, but I feel like wallowing. 
As expected, vacation-blues are in full swing. 
Croatia was even more magical than I imagined. The photos above were taken in Dubrovnik, or as you may call it, the King's Landing. The white stone walls, vibrant orange roofs and turquoise windows immediately had me swooning.
Most of our days in Dubrovnik were spent swimming in the Adriatic Sea (cold as ice, btw), walking through Old City (from early morning to wee hours of night) and eating... (lots and lots of eating).
As for wardrobe options? Tops are optional, but make sure you've got a sick bikini. Do bring a hat, just trust me. (I lived in this one). 

Here's Act I of celebrating full passports, full hearts, and this killer tan. All hail the King's Landing.

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