Monday, July 20, 2015

Act II: Hvar


Upon arriving, I immediately felt like I had met Ibiza's long lost cousin. There is something about this island that makes you feel excited about being young and alive. Fine, maybe it had to do with all the frat-esq bars, ladies in white and ratch-esq boys, but regardless, that one night in Hvar was definitely worth the pounding headache the next morning. If you do decide to pay Hvar a visit, make your way up the hill to the Fortress at the top of the island. I promise it won't disappoint. (Scroll to photo 3). Not to mention, there's this cannon that will have you going boom, boom. 
This remix by Roosevelt of Glass Animal's Pools fully vibes Hvar. Listen:


  1. Rawrrr, aren't you glad I made you rally??? ;p #youngforever #pinkchampagneonice

  2. nice! I'm really glad you liked my country :)
    xoxo Sienna