Tuesday, December 2, 2014

90s forever

H&M Denim Jacket, Calvin Klein Bralette, Vintage Levis Jean 
Ah, jacket season. 
I've been waiting for you for quite some time. Thank you for finally showing up. 
I snagged this jean jacket a few months ago at H&M. Yep, believe it baby - H&M. With it's embroidery slightly reminiscent of Proenza's F/W12 collection, this jacket is your basic jean jacket with a punch. And it's perfect. 
Why a jean jacket? Like, how 90s of me?
Yea, so I love the 90s. (Holler at me Lisa Frank). 
But really, it's because jean jackets are just effortless. They're not as heavy as a leather jacket and not as fancy as a blazer. They're easy. So easy to the point that pairing it with a bare face and messy hair pretty much seals the deal.
And let's not overlook the jeans - mom jeans are back, consider them a gift from above. 
R.I.P. camel toe.

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