Saturday, October 1, 2011


bag Chloe, top Zara, pants AA, shoe Charles David

wait…is it me, or is this blog starting to taste a little stale? definitely not me, this is stale. bleh.

so as a veteran stale blogger, here is the recipe for a stale blog (i know you're drooling for this)-- 1 teaspoon of where's my photographer sidekick, 2 ounces of missing tripod, 3 sticks of i need more time, and 4 cups of i blog elsewhere for someone(s) pretty wonderful.

well thank god for the iPhone, full lengths mirrors and that always flattering dressing room light… (erm, am i the only one that has that conversation with the dressing room where i ask her if she actually want me to spend my $$ here?) good.ness. at least make me look half decent.

so here i am, still alive, still blogging and still bitter about the light.

love ya, see ya in a few.