Saturday, February 28, 2015


Chloé necklace, For Love & Lemons jumper

I'm not sure why, but long necklaces have never been my thing. Maybe it's because they remind me of Notorious B-I-G, but regardless of the reason, I've never ever worn or wanted one... until now. 

The thing about long necklaces is that it can go from classy to tacky pretty quickly. So pick one that has a bit of weight. The one I'm wearing is from Chloé. I figured if I was going to pop that cherry, it might as well be with the holy grail of necklaces. 

Normally I wear this necklace with a deep v-neck or against black so it's doing all sorts of slinky things for my neckline. But you know those moments when you just need a little va-va-voom in your life? (Usually before the weekend and after days of monotonous work-wear). In case this is you too, I'm suggesting you find a sick necklace, go backless, dangle it down your back, and let it do all sorts of slinky things for your backside.

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